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  DAC is short for "Districtus Austriae Controllatus" (comparable with Italy's DOC) and has been used as the Austrian specification of origin since 2003. DAC wines are the best and most typical "Qualitätsweine" - as defined in Austrian wine law - of the region they come from.

Everyone knows that a Bordeaux is a red wine, and that Chablis can only refer to a white wine. Very soon the same will apply to WEINVIERTEL DAC - Grüner Veltliner of the highest quality originating from the Weinviertel Region! Weinviertel DAC Veltliners have to be dry, with a minimum alcohol level of 12% vol., and must undergo a very strict tasting before they are allowed to have this classification on their label. With this we can make sure that only the very best wines from the Weinviertel Region are sold under this quality sign.

On the market: March 1st after harvest

(Ausstich means "the outstanding one", "the winemaker's selection". In our winery my grandfather used to select the barrel he considered the best, and this barrel was then bottled under the Ausstich label.) We decided to keep this classification for our DAC Veltliner as it is the most typical and classical of our Veltliners.
vineyard Ried Oberneubirg and Ried Hochstraß
soil sandy soil
level of alcohol 12 % Vol.
fermentation in stainless steel at 17° C
maturation in stainless steel
tasting notes classic peppery, spicy, rich in extracts.
food recommendation We can recommend fowl, beef and pork. But your own taste should always have top priority!
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