Knospe RV Wr_Synphoniker Rheinwein.jpg
variety Roter Veltliner Wr. Symphoniker
Red Veltliner is a WHITE WINE GRAPE VARIETY (!) and has this rather confusing name because the grapes, when ripe, develop a red shade on the side facing the sun.

Red Veltliner is a very old grape variety with a long tradition in Hohenwarth.

This is also the wine of the famous Vienna Symphony Orchestra, who contacted us ten years ago. They wanted our Red Veltliner to become their official wine and also offered their cooperation in designing a label. After a matinee at the Vienna Konzerthaus, the wine was baptized by Conductor George Pretre.
vineyard Viertelgraben
soil sandy soil with gravel in the depth.
level of alcohol 12 % Vol.
fermentation in stainless steel at 17° C
maturation in stainless steel
tasting notes Very fruity and lively with a discreet flavor of almonds. A rarity under the whites.
food recommendation We recommend fish, seafood and lobster, as well as veal and rustic poultry dishes. But, as always, your own taste should be given top priority.
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